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If You Often Have Headaches, Low Energy, And Insomnia, Start Consuming These Microelements

Most of the people think that the main reason for having headaches, low levels of energy and inability to sleep is the very hard work they are giving during the day.

Stressful days at work definitely might be one of the reasons, but have you thought that maybe

the reason is that you are not consuming enough essential microelements, like magnesium and vitamin k?

Find out why those vitamins are very important.

Did you know that magnesium takes part in around 300 chemical reactions in our body?

So does this fact makes the magnesium one of the most important vitamins? Definitely!

 This vitamin is in charge of creating the proteins from amino acids, beside the many other things it takes part of like leveling up the energy, calming down the pain and keeping away mental illnesses.

Not consuming enough magnesium can keep the serotonin level low which can make you feel tired and depressed. 

Although this does not sound very harmful, in long term, the low levels of magnesium,  can prove other health problems as high blood pressure, problems in digestion and improper hormone function.

One of the best sources of magnesium are wholegrain bread, spinach, nuts, meat, avocado and brown rice.

If you have ever asked yourselves what quantity is needed on daily bases here are the answers: 

The daily intake should be 400g for men at age 19 to 30 and 420g for older man.

Women’s daily allowances are lower, 320g for women at age 19-30 and 320g for older.

Vitamin k

Other vitamin which is also very important to keep you away from headache is the K vitamin which is responsible for synthesizing the proteins.

This vitamin also hinder blood coagulation, bruising and helps stop the bleeding.

Consuming this vitamin in long terms will prevent serious health issues such as Alzheimer and prostate cancer;  artery and valve calcification.

The vitamin K, in conjunction with the vitamin D, also helps to distribute the calcium to the bones, so the low levels of this vitamin can lead to more fragile bones and fractures.

If you want to be provided with enough amount of this vitamin you need to start consuming

more green vegetables as kale, lettuce, spinach, beet greens etc and herbs such as coriander, basil and parsley.

Also brassica vegetables, hot spices, olive oil, dried fruit, okra and pickles are highly recommended.

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